3CX Phone system is a software based PBX with full Call Center, Digital Receptionist and Reporting Features; plus many more . This PBX can be installed on existing Windows / Linux hardware, VM Hyper-visors, Inexpensive new hardware or even hosted in the Cloud! You can Chose to utilize your existing Telephony lines through your current provider or even switch to low cost Cloud Trunks.

Other systems require you to pay for each user or extension you want to setup, causing them to be very expensive. This system doesn't require you to pay per user! Only pay for how many simultaneous calls you need and have as many extension as you want!




Remote worker, Road warrior or simply out of the office?

Stay Connected with the 3CX Secure Application for








Receive Full Presence of your co-workers with the 3CX application

Enable call recording

Barge, Whisper or Listen in on calls

View Active calls and Calls in Queue

Easy Click and Drag operations

Chat Functionality

Plus more!



Don't have your equipment with you or don't want extra software to install or manage?

Take advantage of the 3CX client through a web browser from anywhere, with full functionality!


The 3CX client can be used as a Soft phone or CTI client

What is a Soft phone?

A Soft phone replaces traditional desk phones and allows phone capability through installed software on your computer or Mobile Devices

What is a CTI client?

For those of you who like having a desk phone, CTI allows you to control your desk phone when using your 3CX Client

For Example: Click on a co-worker to call them on the client; your phone will automatically dial without ever touching it.

These automatic actions work for all Features on your client: Transferring, answering a call ... there is no need to touch your phone!



3CX comes with a build in Conferencing system.

Easily view active conference rooms and make new conference rooms using your client or Desk Phone

Schedule conferences for a later date and time, automatically sending out calendar invites to participents

Easily view and manage participants in the conference, Even add more people with a simple click

Ad-hoc conference capabilities when a one-on-one call needs to add more people


Why Pay for and manage multiple software's?

3CX also comes with a built in Web Meeting portal!

Easily schedule video conferences with co-workers  or your customers

Share your screen with participants in the conference Easily allowing you to present documents

Request remote control of a participants device, allowing you to assist them when they need help

Plus More!


3CX contains many more Options and Features which are built right in to one software.

You can find a full list of 3CX features here. Or contact us for a Free consultation