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Malware Virus Protection

The need for business security solutions and managed IT services is key to running a business in a modern world. One of the most important is the security of the information you’re attempting to store or pass through online servers. Tech-1 uses the following methods of network security in all of our services. Whether it be 3CX Phone Systems or Cloud Servers we ensure your businesses information is secure at all times.

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Malware Virus Facts

Were you aware that 10 of the most costly computer viruses of all time racked up over $105 billion in damages to both individuals and businesses?

That is why Tech-1 makes it our mission to thwart potential intrusions before they’re able to take control of your systems. Using an array of software and hardware Tech-1 decreases the possibility exponentially that spam emails, viruses, or spyware is able to infiltrate your computer or mobile devices. This includes Trojans, which account for 80.77% of all malware threats. As one in 3 US households receive heavy levels of spam on a daily basis, one in 284 of those emails contains malware of some sort. This is why it’s imperative to use a company such as Tech-1 which scans every email for malicious viruses and suspect links as they enter our servers. While also offering Onsite Services if ever one slips through the cracks due to a negligent employee using a corrupted flash drive.

One in 3 US citizens receive heavy levels of spam on a daily basis. One in 284 of those emails contains malware

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Does your business have offices in different areas of the state or country or possibly even the world? Then the chances of your organization requiring a VPN, otherwise known as a virtual private network, rises drastically.

A VPN server is another one of our business security solutions that enables users to send and receive data from different locations across shared or public networks as if their computers were directly connected. Any applications running across a VPN are much more secure and allow for greater functionality and management.
While establishing a virtual point-to-point connection a VPN allows people and businesses to securely transmit confidential data, thus providing yet another layer of security that your business needs in order to ensure the highest level of trust with your clients.

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Firewall / Router

Firewalls are a universally trusted method of network security.

Firewalls monitor and control all incoming and outgoing network traffic. This is based on a predetermined set of security rules. These security rules establishes barriers between trusted and un-trusted internal and external networking sources. These firewalls are an integral part of our business security solutions. 

The worlds largest companies and a growing number of smaller businesses around the world use a firewall. They utilize this technology in order to keep spying eyes out. Firewalls also keep careless employees from leaking sensitive data accidentally or on purpose around the Internet.

Tech-1 provides this service for companies large and small in order to ensure that your information isn’t being leaked. Firewalls are necessary whether you own a local law firm or a fortune 500 company. A firewall could be the only thing standing in the way from sensitive data being leaked online.

Reasons to get a firewall.

  • Network-based threats
  • Hackers
  • Botnets
  • Malware

Filtering Types

  • Packet Filtering
  • Proxy
  • Inspection

A proxy firewall will act as the intermediary between a recipient and an external system. This results in your system IP addresses being hidden from attack as well as providing the protection that firewalls provide.

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