We’ll manage your IT services, while you handle your business!

Managed IT Services

Don’t feel powerless to server and computer downtime limiting your businesses ability to grow. Optimize your company by utilizing our IT services business packages designed specifically to help your company expand.

Cloud Computing tops the list as the highest IT priority.

Why do I need managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services provide you the unlimited proactive support that not only keeps your infrastructure running effectively and efficiently, but it helps you reach your business goals.

Information Technology and Communication Systems have become an undeniably critical component of all business operations. Your business success depends on your infrastructure. With our Managed IT services you can rest assured your business is up and running with reliable experts on call in order to resolve any issues you may encounter, or any upgrades you may need in order to stay ahead of the competition.

One Time Onsite Help

$ 125.00/hr


$20 extra if over 20 miles.

Monthly I.T. Management
3/mo minimum

$ 105.00/hr


$10+ extra if over 20 miles.

* Priority Response

Technology Management

How can your business grow with Tech-1’s Technology Management

Let us help you grow.

You don’t need a full time IT staff, let us manage your network, computers, fax machines, copiers, phone lines and internet. Our team can also do a software assessment and make sure all your software is up to date and properly licensed. 

We also offer other technologies such as 3CX Phone Services that can help your business grow.

73% of IT Staff who say employees personal use of the cloud influenced enterprise adoption of cloud computing.

Document Management

Each package comes with the following, additional features can be added upon request.

Do you have rows of file cabinets? Does it take you hours to find a single piece of paper? We can design a complete scanned document management system that will allow you to search in seconds for a document. And coupled with our Remote Online Back-Up those documents are protected, even if you file cabinet aren’t!

Utilizing the numerous technologies we offer at Tech-1, we can help your business grow and become better integrated by offering a wide array of technologies that work in tandem. These technologies backed with our team of experts on call to help with any issues is a vital part of staying ahead of the competition.

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Whether you’re in need of a VPN server, 3CX Phone Systems, or Cloud Services, Tech-1 is there to help you grow your business and stay up to date with the latest technologies that enable businesses to grow.